Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mail from Mr K.Arthanareswaran , Salem

Dear Mr.Khushroo Poacha,
We really thank you very much for the help received from your end (through ) for my father Mr.C.Kailasam @ GKNM Hospital. His surgery was held on 28.04.2006 and he is fine and healthy and is recovering fast. My special thanks to the donors Mr.Suriyaprakash of Relations Institute of Development, Mr.K.Samathana Prabhu of Prabhu Knits, Thirupur and Mr.Padmanabhan. May the good work of continue. I am glad to inform you I have also signed up as a donor on your website.
Thanks and best regards,K.Arthanareswaran.Alagapuram Salem India Mobile: 9364203304