Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Started Posting on IBD Blog Again.

Have started posting on IBD blog again today. Had Stopped since we had a Facebook Page. But a blog has its advantages.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mr Satheesh Reddy from Mumbai Donates Stickers.

Mr Satheesh Reddy from Mumbai an Indian Blood Donor who had organised a blood donation Camp in Mumbai for Tata Memorial Hospital when he had gone to donate blood for a patient , has donated 8000 Stickers for IBD. He has also taken the initiative to Post these stickes for all the hospitals in Mumbai and Hyderabad. May your Tribe increase Satheesh.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mr Ahmer Siddiqui Donates Stickers.

Mr Ahmer Siddiqui from New Delhi Donated 1000 Stickers of IBD. He got these stickers printed in Ahmedabad and had them couriered to us. Beauiful stickers. Thank you and God Bless you Ahmer.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Mr K.Radha Krishna Rao Donates Stamps.

Mr K.Radha Krishna Rao from New Bowenpally, Secunderabad donated stamps worth Rs 300/-Thank you sir. Your contrubution will help save many lives.

Monday, July 05, 2010

IBD to Coordinate Blood Donation Camps.

We have been getting request from many netizens to help organise blood donation camps. Shortly we will be having a new feature "SMS to Organise a Blood Donation Camp". On sending an SMS in a particular format we will put in touch the person who has sent a request with the PRO / Blood Bank Incharge of a Blood Bank in that city. They can coordinate and organise a blood donation camp. To start with we will be networking with the Leading Hospitals / Blood Banks in the city and then cover all the blood banks in the city. Our Sevices to the Blood Banks will be Free of Cost. This is a unique concept and has not been done anywhere in the world. Just SMS to organise a Blood Donation Camp.

Mail from Mr Manoj Gupta New Delhi.

This is the second time I am writing for IBD and but I guess every time I see someone struggling to find blood donors I tell them about this fabulous service , While during the last 3 years I have used the services of IBD multiple times for my grandmother and my father I guess now me and my family are great advocates of the service….while I have used other support services also from friends 2 support etc but while you get the contact details and sometimes donations as well the kind of response you get from IBD is phenomenal , Off late I got 7 contact details and 6 were ready to come anytime. One donor had just given it a month back ( May be IBD should either ask the Blood Donor or the receiver to send an sms with details to IBD server for updating records of the donor )…. While I continue to seek help from the IBD associates for my father’streatment, I request IBD to spread awareness for Platelet Transfusion (Apherisis-SDP ) which is more critical at times than blood because that needs immediate transfusion from donor to receiver… and cannot be substituted by preserved platelets.( RDP)… Many donors have either some misconception or doubt about the process where as platelets unlike blood recover to normal levels within 3 days … While Blood donation at times are supported by blood banks etc, Platelet transfusion requires the same group donor to be available….All the best Mr Khushroo & Fermin and your entire Donor’s team…. You guys are doing a Splendid job and May be its my wish but May God spread the awareness of this service to grow its network exponentially and one day the team behind this literally noble service gets a Noble Prize ! but I guess it will still not matter to them as if it was for Prize the Founders would have bid for their Prize long time back !....Special thanks from Mom who wishes you guys Best of Luck from the Bottom of her Heart !
Manoj Kumar Gupta
New Delhi

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Game of Life is the Game of Boomerang.

The game of life is the game of boomerang. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later, with astounding accuracy. We invariably get what we give.

Donor Donates Rs 15,000/- towards Server Rack for IBD.

A big Thank You to a generous soul who has donated Rs 15,000/- towards the Server Rack for IBD. He did not want his name to be feature on the blog. May his tribe increase.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mr Inderdeep Sachdeva from Kangra Donates Stamps

Mr Inderdeep Sachdeva from Kangra Donates stamps worth Rs 50/-. Thank you Sir.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mr Gurpreet Singh Donates Rs 2200/- towards IBD

Mr Gurpreet Singh Donates Rs 2200/- towards buying a Server Rack for IBD. Thank you .

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mr Sudheer Babu A Donates stamps.

Mr Sudheer Babu A from Hyderabad donates stamps worth Rs 500/- to IBD. Thank you Sir.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mr Gurpreet Singh donates an External HDD

Mr Gurpreet Singh has donated an External Hard Disk Drive to IBD for our Back ups. He responded when he saw the We need Help post on our website. Thank you Gurpreet.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Mail from Mr Satheesh Reddy from Mumbai

I am Satheesh Reddy from Mumbai.I recently organized a blood donation camp at Ness Technologies in which around 104 units of blood were donated.I actually got a message from to donate blood for a patient in Tata memorial Hospital. I went there to donate blood and found out that there was a huge requirement of the blood for a number of patients. So I initiated a blood donation drive at my office and there was huge response from my colleagues. I am very thankfull to Indianblooddonars for the inspiration they provided me in organizing the blood donation drive.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Mail from Mr Bhavin Purohit - Vadodara

I recently needed blood for a family member and IBD proved very helpful. I wish to thank them but I do not see any 'thank you' board on the IBD website/blog, where one can say 'thank you dear donor'for helping us in our hour of need. I suggest you put up such a webpage. Thanks anyways for your wonderful effort. From my side, I will try and chip in occassionally with donations of stamps or stickers or similar things.

Name: Bhavin Purohit
Address: City: Vadodara

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Going to Kalimpong, Gangtok for a Holiday.

We are off to Kalimpong, Gangtok, for a holiday today. Will be back on 25.5.10. This is the first time in 10 years that IBD will be working on Autopilot.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Dr Anupam Choudhary Prints Stickers for IBD

Dr Anupam Chaudhary from Alwar Rajasthan printed 200 IBD stickers and sent them by Speed Post. These stickers were God Sent as our stock of stickers were nearly over.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

SMS Helpline for Pakistan and other countries..

I wish i could implement the SMS helpline in Pakistan and other countries as shortage of blood are faced all over the world. Will need only a computer with a GSM modem and a Sim Card with a unique number and some awareness . Can setup the helpline in a few hours .. If an Operator from Pakistan or any other country could give us a SIM Card. It would be great. Hope this dream comes true someday.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The SMS Story.

I have been wanting to post some incidents which have taken place during our journey with IBD. The "SMS Story" is one of them. I dont know whether you see these are coincidences or someone out there helpling us.
Our SMS helpline was ready. The Servers were setup. And the system was working well. We decided to send mails to our 32800 active donors to register on our sms helpine. In the initial days it took 5 sms to register as a donor. The cost of one SMS according to our SMS plan was .30 Paisa. We made our mail to be sent to our donor and suddenly we realised that if all our 32800 active donors were to migrate to our sms helpline we would have to pay for 164000 SMS x .30 paisa + taxes. This amount would come to 49,200/-. Now this amount was beyond us. We did not have so much money to pay for the SMS bill. Just for migration of our donors. There were other alternatives like just copying the data into our SMS helpline database. But we did not take that route. I was quite disturbed . I could not sleep the whole night the day i realised the implication of runnging the sms helpline . How could i pay so much money. Where would i go. I had already exausted all my funds for the SMS helpline. I needed to pay for the application. I needed another server. Other hardware .
I put the plan on hold to send mail to the donors to register on the SMS helpline. I though of an option that i would write to Mr Sunil Mittal Owner of Airtel if they could sponsor our SMS. I made a proposal and sent it by Fax to the Airtel Corporate office. I then met Mr Parimal from Airtel who had helped me get the Premium Number 9665500000 from Airtel at a discount (this is another story) . I told Mr Parimal my story. And how i has sent a letter to Mr Mittal for sponsorship of our SMS. He said sir i have some good news for you. He told me Airtel has launched an Unlimited SMS Plan for Rs 99 per month where we could send 15,000 SMS in a month. I was just stunned. I could not believe him . I told him that he must be making a mistake. He said no sir i got the mail an hour back. Yes indeed Airtel had launched an SMS plan with 15,000 sms in Rs 99. I was so relieved that my work will be now done in a few hundred rupees. Mr Ravinder my friend from Dharamshala then asked me to get the donor registration done in 2 sms. Which we implemented quite successfully.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mr Chintan & Mrs Monica Siriya donate Rs 3500/- to IBD

Mr Chintan and Mrs Monica Siriya donated Rs 3500/- to IBD. This donation goes towards development of the SMS Helpline.

Mr Ravinder P Singh and Family Donates IBD Server

Mr Ravinder P Singh and Family donate a Server costing Rs 25,000/- to IBD. A Big Thank you to our Dhamma Brother and his family for this Donation.

AASRAA team Donates GSM Modem

AASRAA team has donated a GSM modem Costing Rs 5000/- to IBD. Thank you AASRAA .

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ms Parul Sharma Donates Stamps

Ms Parul Sharma from Gurgaon Donates stamps worth Rs 500/- to

Mrs Anuradha Naik Donates Stamps

Mrs Anuradha Naik from Mumbai Donates Stamps worth Rs 100/- to

Mr Anupam Choudhary Donates Stamps

Mr Anupam Choudhary from Alwar, Rajasthan Donates Stamps worth Rs 500/- to

Monday, March 08, 2010

Mail from Dr Pradeep Sharma - New Delhi

Dear Founders,
This has been the first experience for me to collect 0 -ve blood for my Guruji who had to undergo a liver transplant. It was so smooth, so touching to talk to the volunteers which touched me and moved that i started realizing that the world is not so bad as we think and these are the people who, not only are doing a good job but must be spreading a halo of positivity around themselves in whichever ambience they are.
The operation went fine and Dr Nepal singh (Recipient) is still under medical observation for 15 days till he is brought into ICU.
I thank and salute, the founders and each of the volunteers from the bottom of my heart, that you guys are doing pretty good job, just keep it up, becoz you guys don't realise that each drop of blood what you donate wipes tears of so many eyes.
I would especially like to name a few volunteers Dr Ankit Bhardwaj, Ms Jennifer, Mr Nitin Sawhney, Mr Jaspal singh, Mr P Sundarajan, Mr kaushik Das and a few more for their promptness and timely support.
Good Luck,
Dr Pradeep Sharma

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mr Naresh Sharma From Parwanoo (Himachal Pradesh) writes...

If you donate money, you give food ! But if you donate blood, you give Life!!

Mail from Mr Rusk Bangalore

Comments: I am literally in tears as I write this word of thanks for Khushroo & Fermin Poacha, for maintaining this website. An even bigger thanks for the donors I 've contacted so far and interestingly they agreed even before I completed my request. Blessed are these sacred souls. It only reiterates the fact that the world still has nobel people like you all.
A big thanks.
Warmest Regards

Mail from Mr Praveen Pillai

Dear Founder,
I was able to contact a lot of willing donors. This format seems to be quite effective despite the waiting time. However, there should be an option to review the feedback as some donors have responded later when they are free and have expressed willingness to donate. I had inadvertently selected as 'female unable to donate platelets' for one mr. gautam ailawad who had reponded positively but I could not review the feedback. I have signed up as a donor. I wish theteam the very best. God Bless you all.
Name: Pravin Pillai
Address: a/3 brij bhavan, ambadi road vasai west
City: mumbai
Mobile: 9324725542

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thank you Mr Percy Mistry, CNN-IBN , Saltriver Team , Pune Blood Donors..

It was 22.00 hrs on Saturday. We were having dinner with our family and friends at a restaurant. My Brother in law Mr Percy Mistry called me up and asked me if i knew about the blast in Pune. I told him yes i saw that it was a cylinder blast at the German Bakery. He told me that it was not a cylinder blast but a bomb blast. He asked me to do something as lots of blood will is required. We immediately started for home. I immediately called up CNN-IBN and spoke to Mr Edwin in the Assignment Section. I told him that lots of blood will be required in pune and that it would be great if he could put a scroll on CNN-IBN asking people to register as blood donors by sending an SMS. He immediately responded positively. Within 5 minutes the Scroll was up. Thank you CNN-IBN for the lightening Response.
Within 10 minutes our SMS server crashed due to hundreds of sms coming in. I immediately contact Mr Dhirendra Jain who was on a vacation . He immediately connected to our server through the net and set right the problem and monitored the sytem till 3.00 hrs in the night. I woke up Mr Deepak Arora CEO of Saltriver Systems who coordinated the efforts and put up the sms server.
I spoke to the technicians in the Blood Banks at Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital, Jehangir Hospital to alert us when the needed blood so that we could coordinate the donation with the blood donors.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mail from Mr Anoop Arora

It is very unfortunate that, people who are registered on this site do not understand the gravity of the situation, that if one registers they are doing so their own, not under any pressure from any quarter. I am quoting below one incidence that happened with me, I am registered with, I was requested by Mr. Mohit to donate blood for his relative who was to undergo operation on 07.02.2010. I did the needful, but unfortunately one of my relative was admitted in Escorts Hopital Delhi, the requirement was for AB+ve Blood, Since I also had the same blood group but could not donate since I had donated on 07.01.2010. I contacted one Mr xxxx xxxxxx contact no. xxxxxxxxxx, whose contact details were sent to me by but he declined to help me citing exigencies, I would suggest that such sort of people should be discouraged from registering on the site. Needless to mention that nothing is more important in life, than saving a life.
Mr Anoop Arora
City: Faridabad
Country: India
Phone / Mobile: 9818572323

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mail from Mr D.Venkateswaran

Dear Kushroo and Fermin Poacha,

I thank you very much for hosting such a website and supporting it. Iwas able to mobilise 2 units of blood against my requirement of 3 units,through your leads. I also thanked the donors for their timely help.Incidentally, it took me almost half a day to mobilise these two donors out of 10 that I had to try contacting. Would it not be easier to send SMS to prospective donors, in ratio to the required units of blood, requesting them to contact the seeker, thereby saving on precious time.Your wait for 3 minutes for every contact provided might have its own reasonings, but time to reach prospective donors is very critical, for,not every contact is expected to be available for donation.Collecting the status of the donor is again a very good move and I wasalso able to update either the changed mobile number or the recent donation of one of the donors.My best wishes for the continued service of the and may The Lord bless you all.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

D.Venkateswaran, alias Kumar.

Mail from Mr D.Venkateswaran

Dear Kushroo and Fermin Poacha,
I thank you very much for hosting such a website and supporting it. Iwas able to mobilise 2 units of blood against my requirement of 3 units,through your leads. I also thanked the donors for their timely help.Incidentally, it took me almost half a day to mobilise these two donors out of 10 that I had to try contacting. Would it not be easier to send SMS to prospective donors, in ratio to the required units of blood, requesting them to contact the seeker, thereby saving on precious time.Your wait for 3 minutes for every contact provided might have its own reasonings, but time to reach prospective donors is very critical, for,not every contact is expected to be available for donation.Collecting the status of the donor is again a very good move and I wasalso able to update either the changed mobile number or the recent donation of one of the donors.My best wishes for the continued service of the and may The Lord bless you all.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
D.Venkateswaran, alias Kumar.

Mail from Ms Bhawna Bairoliya

Dear madam,
First of all i would like to thank you for this amazing service to mankind that you are providing. And am sorry that i couldn't get back to you sooner as we lost our patient and it is today that i have seen your message for a feedback. Your site and the listed donors were a great help and out of the 24 donors that you listed to us from gurgaon with O+ group almost all got back to us and those who had not donated blood during the last 90 days made their donation and 3-4 we returned as we had lost our patient.gurgaon was a new destination for us with no relatives and with the huge requirement of blood that we had on our hands above 100 units we did not know from where we will be able to procure this huge amount. so thanks again once more for your very kind help towards our requirement in the time of need. we had over 200 people donating blood for our patient which is so overwhelming and unbelievable.only one thing that in your request form there were no empty space where we could fill up the right reason for our patients blood requirement so we filled whatever was near as else it was not accepting our request. we needed the blood as our patient was put on the heart and lung echmo kit where there is a daily requirement of 12-25 units of blood or even more depending on the blood loss during the period also the no. of units mentioned highest was 10 whereas our requirement was for over 100 so if you could also make this change leaving an empty column so that anyone else requiring blood for a different reason not mention could mention the exact reason and the high no. of blood units required would be very nice. Thank you once again for reaching out to us and for all the help during our time of need.
Ms Bhawna Bairoliya
Namita raniwala's sister-in-law

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The First SMS Server of Dream come True.

Its a dream come true. I always felt that SMS technology is the only solutions wherein we can reach the masses. What you see in the picture is a SMS server set up at our house. The word SERVER would always create a picture of big machines manned by individuals who were experts in IT. I always thought it was not my cup of tea. But the urge to reach out to more people, and the passion motivated me to make this setup. It has a 10 hour Backup power supply. Now we need a Backup Server and another GSM modem. If this one crashes we have another one running. Any Sponsors ?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sell to me.

I am writing this after a long time. I did not want to share this information will all. As initially the offer to buy was given to me by my Ex Bosses Son. I was litteraly forced into doing it. But i stood my ground . I did not want to sell it. One day my Ex Boss called me and asked me to visit his house. He said his son wanted to speak to me. I asked him the reason and he said that my son wants to discuss something about your website . I though that he must be wanting some information about it or he must be wanting to start something of his own.
When i went to his place. His son point blank told me that he wished to buy the website. He even made a valuation of it. I dont know how he did it. He offered me Rs 3 Lacs for it. I refused. This was in the Year xxxx . He then offered me a partnership . He wanted me to offer him a 25 % stake. I said no. Though i was really tempted. As i had gone practically bankrupt. After this refusal by boss started behaving with me quite strangely. He would fire me for no reason of mine. Though i understood everything. I stood my ground. I am writing this today as this boss of mine has retired from service.
A few years down the line i was contacted by Venture Capitalists also. But the answer was the same.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mail from Mr Ramchandra Phawade

Thanks a lot. It is wonderful and nice experience to get help from people whom you have never met in life. It restores and strengthens the faith in goodness of human beings. Once again i thank you for the help i got from this organization.
Name: Ramchandra Phawade
Address: IMsc , Tharamani
City: Chennai
Phone / Mobile: 9884998815

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mail from Mr Mohammed Mansoor Khan

This is in regards to a request made by Mr. P. S. PRASAD. As I understand that AB+ Blood was required for a patient in Victoria Hospital Bangalore. Mr P. S. PRASAD contacted me on my old ph no,unfortunately I was not reachable. Thanks to for sending me an e-mail, I immediately contacted Mr. P. S. PRASAD on(9440209823) and visited the Hospital and donated the blood. I was informed by the patients relatives that operation will be conducted today night at 3 am. My best wishes to the patient Mr. Karthik.
Mohammed Mansoor Khan (Donor)
Mobile No : 8088407377

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mail from Mr Raj Goyal

Dear Khushro Poacha,
Thank you for the noble cause you are doing.My fathers bypass surgery was possible because of the following donorsin Mumbai O+ category.
1) Kuldeep Saxena 9867555022 along with Mr KIshore Patale 9769108672.
2) Sharmishta 9892202254 alongwith Ms Carol D’souza.
3) Krishna Prasad 9819100377
I am really indebted to these angels who went, paying for their own conveyance, taking time out from their busy schedule, & donated blood for someone whom they have not even met or seen. What a noble deed.Since now I am diabetic, I cannot donate blood but I will definitely encourage people around me & my teenage children to register them, oncethey are 18 years old.Although I have mentioned in my online feedback but still I request youto update the contact numbers as nearly 20% of contact numbers do not existor are wrong.I am sending postal stamps of Rs 5 by courier separately.I once again sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart
Thanking you.
Yours truly
Raj goyal

Mail from Mr Rohit Agarwal.

Dear Sir,
Doctors advised immediate CABG (By Pass Surgery) to my father, and before conducting the surgery, Doctors said that we need to arrange for 4 - 5 person of my father's Blood Group for plasma requirements. My father's Blood Group was AB+. Instantly, we all (my family and friends) went for blood group test and found that only I was AB+ and all others were having
some other Blood Group. And by the time we got these reports, it was already evening and blood has to arranged within next day's morning. I just prayed to God to show me path and coincidently I found this portal (, by next morning not less 6 volunteers from this portal were ready for donating blood and were more than willing to come at the hospital, where my father is admitted. Subsequently, as only 3 more persons were required, I had to ask the others not to turn up for blood Donation.
The unsung, unheard heroes, who helped me, my father, and my family are:
1. Mr. Somnath Sengupta ( DoT Officer)
2. Mr. Arijit Majumdar (Atomic Research Scientist)
3. Mr. Kumarjit Singha (Software Engineer)

Others who were quite disappointed, when I called them to inform that required units of blood has already been arranged, thus they need not come, were:
1. Pratit & Jesal Desai
2. Anup Agarwal
3. Arpan Roy
I am equally indebted to them also, for it was only because of their assurance, that my family could sleep that night peacefully.
Hats off to you all !
Hats off to
Name: Rohit Agarwal

Thursday, December 10, 2009

From Dubai to India to Donate Blood

Dear Khushroo & Fermin Poacha,
Greetings of the day to you.
Out of all the registered members in your website, I would be surprised if you remember me. I have donated a couple of times through your website and once received stickers from you as well. This was during the time that i was in India. Currently I am residing in DUbai and frequent India on a half yearly basis. As a result I am not sure how useful my data on your website will be. However, I have also uploaded my India mobile number (which is active for lifetime) and my residence number where my parents can be reached at all times.
If an emergency arises and the patient is unable to find blood in time, I am willing to fly down to any major city in India (which is not more than a 3 hour flight from Dubai).
My blood group is B-ve and as such I can understand the desperation from the patients family as this blood type is rare.
Warm regards
Saugat Mahapatra
Dubai # 00971-559208595

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

SMS is in . Just SMS to Donate.

Internet is not accessible by the common man. And a person needing blood for his relatives cannot run about to find an internet cafe to seach for blood donors in an emergency. This thought has been troubling me since long. We had made an attempt to connect the Database of with a Short Code (5676775 ) . This system worked quite well for about 6 months . Patients or their relative who had used the system wanted it back. We did not revive it due to some technical problems. The cost of sending an SMS to this number was quite high (Rs 3) . There were connectivity issue also. We had to also pay a yearly rental for the Short Code.
So we decided to have our own Long code (96655-00000) . We are working on the System where in Donors can register as blood donors by sending an SMS. And Patient or Relatives of patients needing blood can search for blood donors by sending an SMS.
We feel SMS is in . Web is out (For Blood Donation) . I really dont know. Only Time will tell.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Do your Karma.

I have been getting mails from people that they would like to donate blood to patients directly and not like to donate blood to hospitals/blood banks as there is commercial use. I tell them if they donate blood to a blood bank/hospital their blood will be transfused to a patient only. They will not make Gold or silver out of the blood and sell it.
So do your Karma. Let the Blood Banks/Hospitals do their Karma.

Mail from Mr Amit Kansal

Comments: Ten minutes ago my friend called me and asked for one unit of B+ blood for one of his colleagues hospitalized in Noida. I checked your website through google and put the request. I got an request id and contacted the person. He has agreed to donate the blood tomorrow. It was all done in ten minutes. I salute your commitment and initiative. May god bless you in all you do.
Amit Kansal
New Delhi

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Thank you Nagpur First.

We at IBD take this opportunity to thank Nagpur First for Sponsoring our Postage Stamps since the last one year. Mr Dinesh Jain and Mr Amit Badiyani were God Sent for IBD when they consented to give us Postage Stamps to send our Stickers (to create awareness) all over the country. A Big Thank you to all at Nagpur First for serving people without expectations. May their Tribe Increase.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mail from Mr Mahender Kandpal

I want to thank Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta, R/O Ghaziabad who donated Blood to Mr. J.P.Dabral at Kailash Hospital, Noida. I salute the spirit of Mr. Gupta. He has done such deed without any consideration. He did not bother about distance and waiting time for donation at hospital.
Mr. Dabral is no more but spirit of Mr. Gupta will be rememberd forever.
At last, I also congratulate your website ( for helping the needy.
Mahendra Kandpal

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mail from Mr Wangmo @ NDTV New Delhi

Thank you so much for your website. We needed one unit of blood for one of our office staff. I posted the requirement and one donor's name popped up. I contacted him and he donated his blood in a matter of few hours. I wanted to thank you and the donor for being so kind and thoughtful. The donors's name is Malikarjuna and he is based in Delhi.
Thank you so much, Malikarjuna.
Name: wangmo
City: new delhi

Friday, October 09, 2009

Mail from Dr Vedanth M.S. Mysore

Dear Khushroo,
This web site information has saved my uncle's life who has got o-ve blood group(very very rare).we got an information ( about the donors of our own city(MYSORE) & donors helped a lot.

Thanking You, Yours faithfully,

Mail from Mr Shishir Gupta, Gurgaon

A few days ago, a friends mother needed blood. I remembered having read about such a website and googled it. Within minutes I had a donor. This was a memorable experience. I have now signed up as a donor.
Name: Shishir Gupta
City: Gurgaon

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

SMS to Donate.

Its been a long time since we have been planning to have a SMS based helpline. Where Blood Donors can register to donate blood by Sending an SMS to our helpline number .
Once a donor register we will send the mobile number of the Donor to a selected Blood Bank in every city, which promote Voluntory Blood Donation. They will contact the Donors and who in turn will donate blood at a blood Bank. The donors will get a Voluntory Blood donor Card which they will use when they need blood for the near an dear one. Please give your Suggestions .

Friday, August 07, 2009

10000 Stickers Donated by Mrs Varsha Manohar

We take this opportunity to thank Mrs Varsha Manohar from Nagpur who comes to our rescue whenever we needs stickers. Though i personally feel very bad to ask her for help again and again. Somehow she comes to know about it and helps us. These stickers are being pasted by people all over the country. So many people who have seen these stickers in Hospitals and Blood Banks on cars and other public places have benefitted when they needed blood for a near and dear one. In a way she has been instrumental in saving many lives all over the country.

Monday, July 27, 2009

IBD on BBC World Radio Service : Should you get paid for your blood, sperm or eggs ?

A panel discussion was held on BBC world Radio Service in UK. was part of the panel dicussion. People from all over the world took part in it. The discussion was Should you get paid for your blood, sperm or eggs ?
Our Stand was Blood Donors should not be renumerated. Blood should be donated free as it is the Gift of Life. We felt the Government was doing little to create an awareness about blood donation. It should do more.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Kindly Tag me with a Patient Needing Regular Transfusion.

I got a mail from Mr BSK Reddy Chief Conservator of Forests in Nagpur. This mail has given me an idea which can be a revolution for patients needing regular blood transfusions. He wrote.

Comments: My blood group is o- , registered as donor . Kindly tag me with any patient like Sicklecell and other such type of patients who need blood regularly at Nagpur. Willing to give blood four times in a year . Early response is appreciated.

I immediately contacted Mr Sampat Ramteke who is the president of the Sickle Cell Patients Association in Nagpur and asked him to give me details of any patient who needed O-ve.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Mr Ramanathan Iyer Joins Team IBD from Mumbai

Its Mr Ramanathan V Iyers Birthday today 3-7-09 . He said he would be happy if he could donate blood or platelets to any patient today. We asked him if he would like to serve people by coordinating request for blood donation. He agreed.

Mr Ravi Dutt donates Blood and Money to the patient.

Please refer my earlier post " Woh paise lenge kya ?" Where Our New Delhi Coordinator had been asked to help a lady in Distress who had nobody to help her . Today Mr Ravi Dutt not only donated blood to her but also gave her money for her Ambulance so that she could take her father to Nainital. God Bless you Mr Ravi Dutt and may your tribe increase.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mr Bhanu Prakash Vadlakonda from Hyderabad joins Team IBD

Mr Bhanu Prakash Vadlakonda from Hyderabad joins Team IBD to handle enquiries and requests for Blood Donation . Mr Bhanu also volunteers for an organisation called Aasraa . He works for AT&T Hyderabad.

Woh Paise Lenge Kya ? Will they take money ?

I got a call today from a lady at about 14.30 hrs. She started by telling me that she needed blood . Her father was admitted at Maharaja Agresen Hospital New Delhi. She seemed to be very stressed out. She said i am in need of A+ve blood for my father. Please help me. I dont have any money to pay for the blood . I asked her not to worry . I told her that i would arrange for the donor. She was pleading Sir please meri madat kijiye (Please help me), my mother is also admitted in a hospital in some other city. I am alone out here with nobody to help me. I took her cell number. I then posted a request with her details. I call up Dr Anurag Singh our volunteer who was busy. I then called up Mr Ravi Dutt who called me back. I immediately told Ravi to contact the lady and help her out. In 5 minutes flat Mr Ravi Dutt had spoken to the Hospital Authorities and asked them to give her blood. He told them as he was due for donation he would donate tomorrow morning. Mr Ravi Dutt confirmed with me. God bless you Ravi.
I called up the lady and asked her if she had got the unit of blood. She said yes. The then asked me "Woh Paise Lenge Kya ? Will they take money ? (i.e. the Donor Mr Ravi Dutt). I told her no he will not. She Thanked me.
I have been hearing the question everytime somebody calls me for blood . They are all surprised when i tell them that you dont have to pay anything . The services of IBD, our donors, our volunteers is free of cost and always will be.....

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

History of Blood

A Roman doctor name Galen believed that blood was formed in the liver and was unaware that the heart pumped blood through the arteries and veins. It wasn't until the 1600's that it was discovered blood circulates throughout the body, pumped by the heart.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Conditions for Donation of Blood

Conditions for donation of blood :
( 1) General -No person shall donate blood and no blood bank shall draw blood from a person, more than once in three months. The donor shall be in good health, mentally alert and physically fit and shall not be inmates of jail, persons having multiple sex partners and drug-addicts. The donors shall fulfill the following requirements, namely :-
(a) the donor shall be in the age group of 18 to 60 years.
(b) the donor shall not be less than 45 kilograms;
(c) temperature and Pulse of the donor shall be normal;
(d) the systolic and diastolic blood pressures are within normal limits without medication;
(e) haemoglobin which shall not be less than 12.5 grams;
(f) the donor shall be free from acute respiratory diseases;
(g) the donor shall be free from any skin diseases at the site of phlebotomy ;
(h) the donor shall be free from any disease transmissible by blood transfusion, insofar as can be determined by history and examination indicated above;
(i) the arms and forearms of the donor shall be free from skin punctures or scars indicative of professional blood donors or addiction of self injected narcotics

Additional Qualifications of a Donor

Additional qualifications of a donor :-No person shall donate blood, and no blood bank shall draw blood from a donor, in the conditions mentioned in column (1) of the Table given below before the expiry of the period of deferment mentioned in the column (2) of the said Table.
Table: Deferment of blood donation

(1) (2)

(a) Abortions 6 months
(b) History of Blood transfusion 6 months
(c) Surgery 12 months
(d) Typhoid 12 months after recovery
(e) History of Malaria and 3 months (endemic)
duly treated 3 years (non endemic area)
(f) Tattoo 6 months
(h) Breast feeding 12 months after delivery
(i) Immunization (Cholera, 15 days
Typhoid, Diphtheria,
Tetanus, Plague,
(j) Rabies vaccination 1 year after vaccination
(k) History of Hepatitis in 12 months
family or close contact
(l) Immunoglobulin 12 months.

You cannot donate blood if...

No person shall donate blood and no brood bank shall draw blood from a person, suffering from any of the diseases mentioned below, namely .-
a. Cancer
b. Heart disease
c. Abnormal bleeding tendencies
d. Unexplained weight loss
e. Diabetes-controlled on Insulin
f. Hepatitis infection
g. Chronic nephritis
h. Signs and symptoms, suggestive of AIDS
i. Liver disease
j. Tuberculosis
k. Polycythemia Vera
l. Asthma
m. Epilepsy
n. Leprosy
o. Schizophrenia
p. Endocrine disorders

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mail from Mrs Irene Arathi Stanley New Delhi

Comments: Dear web hosters and every Donor enlisted with you, my family joins me in thanking your volunteer and noble service to humanity. At 3 am on a Sunday early morning when we were wonderign where to look out for B-ve blood, we found solution through this website.
I would like to place on records the two donors Ramya Sivasankar and Irayya who received calls in teh wee hours and came forward and made the blood donation to my sister in law who by Gods grace and generosity of the two donors is a mothr to a baby girl she delivered around 6.30 am today.
Happy to b part of a caring world you and your donors are creating...
Name: Irene arathi Stanley
Address: No. 1, Red Cross Road
City: new delhi
Country: India
Phone / Mobile: 9810399633

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mr Jatin Sablok Paste Stickers on Autos in Mumbai

Dear Khushroo,
Would like to narrate an incident that happened today morning –

I was posting a sticker as I was getting out of AutoRickshaw post reaching my destination (office) in the morning. The Autowalla asked, "saab ispe kya likha hai". I replied "rakt/khoon daan karne ke liye or uski zarrorat padne par .... is jagah contact karne ke liye likha hai..."

"Saab isme koi number hota aur hindi mein hota toh mujhe bhi samajh aata" replied the AutoWala. Aur saab ye sab kaam karne ka hota hai - ye toh maaloom hai ..magar kaise karne kaa, kahan jaane kaa - kuch maalloom nahin" continued the AutoWalla. Further the conversation continued and he said that he will visit a hospital this week to donate blood.

Moral of the story is – the concern for society can be found at every rank and irrespective of stature. The need is for awareness and personal influence to probe/ help other fellow men to take decision to go to hospital to donate blood.

Also, if AutoWallas can successfully spread the message of No Tobacco then why can’t Yes! Blood Donation….

If 100 stickers on Autos can lead to only 1 person taking decision – The Job is Done.
We should influence 1 person every month from our family and friend circle to donate blood and if possible accompany him/her to donation point (this really works), we can save many lives one at a time. Most of us know its safe and its is good – but either we postpone or we give it a least priority in our daily schedule.

Jatin Sablok

Khoon Baha Nali Mein - खून बहा नाली में !

Blood Being Sold at a Premium - नाक तले "खूनी" कारोबार

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What is said about giving .

"Give such that the left hand does not know what the right hand gave". The highest form of giving, or Charity "DAAN", is one that is selfless, humble, and without expectations of glory or reward.
At IBD , we encourage you to Donate Blood without any expectations of glory or reward.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mrs Meenakshi Chellam Joins Team IBD from Goa

Mrs Meenakshi Chellam joins Team IBD as a coordinator from Goa. She has been associated with IBD since the last 5 years. May her Tribe Increase. She recently coordinated a Blood Donation for a Friend who's father needed blood in New Delhi .

Friday, June 12, 2009

I wanted to Bless you but now i will not Bless you !

3 requests were posted on IBD by a lady from Mumbai . Two requests were from O-ve and one request was for B-ve. When i checked up the request the email id of the person requesting the blood did not match with the person posting the request. Also the request were of Different Blood Groups. Seeing this i Blocked the request.
On blocking the request i got a call from the lady who had put the request. As is customary i asked her a few questions to confirm if the request was authenticate and what was the Blood Group needed. After a few question the lady got angry as to why i was wasting her time asking foolish questions. In a split second she was angry at me . I asked her to cool down and was trying to tell her why we have to be careful with Negative Blood Group request.
She was not ready to listen to me and so i disconnected the call. She again called me up and repremanded me for disconnecting the call. She tells me why i had built the network of donors if we are not ready to help. I again tried to calm her down . She then told me That I want to bless the person who had made this network But now i will not Bless you. I told her that i did not need her blessing and she should not bless me. She disconnected the call .
I called up the contact number given in her request. She picked up the call. I then took the lead in speaking to her and did not let her speak. Lest she again lead the tirade against me. I then told her that how Negative Blood Groups are sold at a premium by some unscrupulous elements. That seemed to cool her down. I told her that i had unblocked her request. She can use the helpline. I kept on monitoring her request.
In and hour and a half she got the required 5 donors of B-ve Blood group. After which she sent us a mail thanking the people behind the cause.
Madam did you bless us ?

Monday, June 08, 2009

Mr Sandeep Samnani from Jabalpur Says.....

Blood is like knowledge which increases day by day .......

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mail from Mr Shashank Bhavsar

Thanks very much this is the 3rd time You & you blood donors have helped me for blood donations. Thank u once again & ur donors - this time the donors who donate blood are -1) pranjal wagh 2) manish sharma 3) vaibhav mehta 4) hemant .
Name: Shashank Bhavsar
Phone / Mobile: 9869252360

Mail from Ms Meenakshi Chellam

I've signed up as a donor here - a long time ago, but this is the first time that I used the site to find blood for a friend. And afterthe experience that i just had, i feel so proud and privileged to be associated with this endeavour. I ran into a problem and called Anurag Singh in Delhi. And the response and help was instantaneous. Thank you Anurag. And thank you Khushroo, Fermin. God Bless you guys!
Name: Meenakshi Chellam
Address: Hse No 599 Socoilo Waddo Bodiem, Thivim City: Goa
Country: India Phone / Mobile: 9823287298

Mail from Mr Sundeep Bhatia

Dear Khushroo & Fermin,
First things first....thank you so much. My wife is AB- and I must have tried a dozen blood banks for blood but was surprised that some of the best names did not have blood. I had registered with you some while ago. After much disappointment I logged on to your site and was thrilled when I got details of donors and above all when I got in touch with them, they agreed.
Thanks again..Regards,
Sundeep Bhatia

Monday, May 11, 2009

Its illegal to ask for Blood Donation in UAE ?

Reseach by Mr Joel Lehmann on SMS use on IBD:

Mr Joel Lehmann, Research Assistant, M.A. , Institute of Communication and Health, Faculty of Communication Sciences , University of Lugano , Switzerland personal Profile is doing a Research on the SMS technology used in .

Pursuit of Goodness by Vijayendra Haryal

I met Mr Vijayendra Haryal the author of this book on my visit to IIM Ahmedabad. He was the organiser and Brains behind the "Social Entrepreneurs " fair where we were invited to speak about IBD. He is also the founder of . We at are deeply touched for being made a part of this book. This book can be bought at .

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mr Abhisek Tripathi Joins Team IBD from Pune

Dear Mr. Poacha,
I am working with a software company in Pune. I keep shuttling between Noida and Pune as my mother is being treated there.My native place is Kanpur.I have been monitoring IBD for requests of blood, but to my surprise I haven't seen a single request being raised in Pune for thesame in the last few days. Wondering why is that so? Guess the blood banks conduct blood donation drives more frequently than what is being done in other cities. Also a fact that there is so much youth who is self motivated to donate blood might be a reason too. But I was happy to see over 1700 donors registered in IBD from Pune. Quite a large number as compared to other IT hubs like Noida. Wish more and more donors register elsewhere too. I have already forwarded the URL to many of friends for registering in IBD. Just hoping that everyone does :).Thanks Mr. Poacha again for creating IBD.
Warm regards,
Abhisek Tripathi.

Mail from Abhisek Tripathi

Hi, I am so grateful to this site for helping me find the donors for my mom who's being treated for ALL in Noida. Mr Tanmay Shankar Nath consented for apheresis. He turned up for the same and helped us. I wish to join the team IBD, and would put my endeavours to help people in Pune by arranging them my blood products or helping them find a donor. Please do consider my wish.
I wish all the people on IBD all the best. Wish we grow in our endeavors.

Thanks Mr. and Mrs Poacha for materializing this noble thought of yours.

Warm regards
Abhisek Tripathi

Mail from Abhisek Tripathi

Comments: Hi, I am so grateful to this site for helping me find the donors for my mom who's being treated for ALL in Noida. Mr Tanmay Shankar Nath consented for apheresis. He turned up for the same and helped us. I wish to join the team IBD, and would put my endeavours to help people in Pune by arranging them my blood products or helping them find a donor. Please do consider my wish.
I wish all the people on IBD all the best. Wish we grow in our endeavors.
Thanks Mr. and Mrs Poacha for materializing this noble thought of yours.
Warm regards

Mail from Dr Anurag Singh

Dear Sir,
Firstly, I would like to thank you for the tremendous oppurtunity of service that you have provided to me and others in the whole world. Every time I help someone for arranging blood or platelets, I feel as if I am serving God in some way and that my BAD KARMAS are getting neutralised one by one.
1. There was a liver transplant patient in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Mr Masood Rizvi. He needed 15 units of B- whole blood and 7 units of B+ platelets for his surgery. Initially, his surgery was postponed as his family could arrange only 5 units of B- whole blood and 1 unit of platelets. They has donated 10 units of whole blood of other blood groups but at the last moment the blood bank intimated to them that they would not be provided B- whole blood on replacement. At that stage I was contacted by Dr AS Soin, the transplant surgeon, for helping them, as they had no contacts in New Delhi (they are from Karachi). With the blessings of God and the help of the site I was able to arrange for all the units of platelets and whole blood that were required and thereafter the surgery was done successfully. THIS IS A REAL EXAMPLE OF HOW THE SITE HAS BEEN USED TO DIRECTLY SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE. I feel blessed that God has enabled me and has put me in this position to help others.
2. There was another case of Ms Jyoti Kathuria. She is alone in her family, along with her father. They are not computer savy. She needed to undergo a surgery in AIIMS, New Delhi. Someone told them about the site and just registered for them, but did not follow up with the donors. They saw my number on the website and called me for help. I immediately understood their family's situation and arranged the necessary blood donations for them. Again, I WOULD LIKE TO HIGHLIGHT THAT THIS IS A REAL EXAMPLE OF THE HELP THAT GOD HAS ENABLED US AND BLESSED US TO PROVIDE TO PEOPLE IN GENUINE NEED.
Thank you God and thank you IndianBloodDonors for giving me this oppurtunity to neutralise my bad karma's in life.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ms Micky Priya joins Team IBD from Mumbai

Ms Micky Priya had registered as a donor on IBD. She got a call from a Patients Relative Admitted in Tata Memorial for platelet donation. As she was not in a position to donate blood. She consented to help the patient by coordinating with other blood donors. She coordinated with a few donors and helped the patient .

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mr KRa.Senthillnathan joins Team IBD from Tirupur

Mr KRa. Senthillnathan joints Team IBD from Tirupur to help people who need blood in Tirupur. He is also the Secretary of a Trust 1008 Winners . .

SMS From Alia Saeed New Delhi

Platelets and blood donations were arranged and my grandmother was discharged yesterday . Thanks a lot for you support. The Website has been a lifesaver.Pl carry on the good work.

Regards Alia

SMS sent to our Delhi Volunteer Dr Anurag Singh.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Feedback from Manisha Mevawala Mumbai

I had contacted Mr. Shailesh Gupta and Mr. Krishnan PV on 17th April morning and they revertered immediately and donated B -ve blood for my Mother at Asian Heart on the same day. Thank u very much to u all. I wanted to give this feedback.
Name: Manisha Mevawalla
Address: Ghatkopar ,Mumbai
Phone / Mobile: 98203 22779

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mrs Sarita Nagabhushan from Mysore Joins Team IBD

Mrs Sarita Nagabhushan from Mysore joins team IBD as a volunteer for Mysore . She was using the services of IBD to help a patient who needed blood . We contacted her if she would help other patients in her city Mysore. She is also a Animal Rights Activist.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mail from Savitha Nagabhushan

Thank you. This site was extremely helpful when I had to arrange blood for a cancer patient at short notice that too for ten units. This site is a life saving and extremely useful site . If this site can cater to two tier and smaller towns we don't have to look any where else for life saving precious blood.
Thanks again regards .
Blood Request id 28564.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mail from Mr A.B. Surendranath

A Noble Service rendered with utmost dedication and professionalism. May God bless you and guide you in your humane endeavour.

Name: A.B. Surendranath Address: 57, 3rd Street,
R.V.Nagar, Kodungaiyur City: Chennai - 600 118
Phone / Mobile: (044) 25553754 / 9444506753

Friday, March 06, 2009 - Link to IBD - Link to IBD

Yeh dil mange more.

There are many NGOs in India , doing good work which needs creating awarness. will help by putting Banner Advertisement on our site and links on our Blogs. We want to help as many people as we can. Yeh dil mange more.