Friday, January 29, 2010

Sell to me.

I am writing this after a long time. I did not want to share this information will all. As initially the offer to buy was given to me by my Ex Bosses Son. I was litteraly forced into doing it. But i stood my ground . I did not want to sell it. One day my Ex Boss called me and asked me to visit his house. He said his son wanted to speak to me. I asked him the reason and he said that my son wants to discuss something about your website . I though that he must be wanting some information about it or he must be wanting to start something of his own.
When i went to his place. His son point blank told me that he wished to buy the website. He even made a valuation of it. I dont know how he did it. He offered me Rs 3 Lacs for it. I refused. This was in the Year xxxx . He then offered me a partnership . He wanted me to offer him a 25 % stake. I said no. Though i was really tempted. As i had gone practically bankrupt. After this refusal by boss started behaving with me quite strangely. He would fire me for no reason of mine. Though i understood everything. I stood my ground. I am writing this today as this boss of mine has retired from service.
A few years down the line i was contacted by Venture Capitalists also. But the answer was the same.


  1. Great Job , Khushroo & Fermin Poacha. We are here to support you and we dont need to make it commercial with someone whose looking at it as a money making venture(if i read into it right). We support a cause and we are proud of it.
    Thanks again for setting this up and manging it.

  2. Kudos to you!!! At a time when almost the whole world has sold itself to commerce and profit it's heartening to find this rare example of grit and conscience in the face of temptation and blackmail.
    Our heartiest congratulations, friend!

  3. Sincerely hope and pray that the site remains with you, come what may.