Monday, July 05, 2010

Mail from Mr Manoj Gupta New Delhi.

This is the second time I am writing for IBD and but I guess every time I see someone struggling to find blood donors I tell them about this fabulous service , While during the last 3 years I have used the services of IBD multiple times for my grandmother and my father I guess now me and my family are great advocates of the service….while I have used other support services also from friends 2 support etc but while you get the contact details and sometimes donations as well the kind of response you get from IBD is phenomenal , Off late I got 7 contact details and 6 were ready to come anytime. One donor had just given it a month back ( May be IBD should either ask the Blood Donor or the receiver to send an sms with details to IBD server for updating records of the donor )…. While I continue to seek help from the IBD associates for my father’streatment, I request IBD to spread awareness for Platelet Transfusion (Apherisis-SDP ) which is more critical at times than blood because that needs immediate transfusion from donor to receiver… and cannot be substituted by preserved platelets.( RDP)… Many donors have either some misconception or doubt about the process where as platelets unlike blood recover to normal levels within 3 days … While Blood donation at times are supported by blood banks etc, Platelet transfusion requires the same group donor to be available….All the best Mr Khushroo & Fermin and your entire Donor’s team…. You guys are doing a Splendid job and May be its my wish but May God spread the awareness of this service to grow its network exponentially and one day the team behind this literally noble service gets a Noble Prize ! but I guess it will still not matter to them as if it was for Prize the Founders would have bid for their Prize long time back !....Special thanks from Mom who wishes you guys Best of Luck from the Bottom of her Heart !
Manoj Kumar Gupta
New Delhi

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