Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mail from Mr D.Venkateswaran

Dear Kushroo and Fermin Poacha,

I thank you very much for hosting such a website and supporting it. Iwas able to mobilise 2 units of blood against my requirement of 3 units,through your leads. I also thanked the donors for their timely help.Incidentally, it took me almost half a day to mobilise these two donors out of 10 that I had to try contacting. Would it not be easier to send SMS to prospective donors, in ratio to the required units of blood, requesting them to contact the seeker, thereby saving on precious time.Your wait for 3 minutes for every contact provided might have its own reasonings, but time to reach prospective donors is very critical, for,not every contact is expected to be available for donation.Collecting the status of the donor is again a very good move and I wasalso able to update either the changed mobile number or the recent donation of one of the donors.My best wishes for the continued service of the indianblooddonors.com and may The Lord bless you all.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

D.Venkateswaran, alias Kumar.

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