Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mail from Mr Anoop Arora

It is very unfortunate that, people who are registered on this site do not understand the gravity of the situation, that if one registers they are doing so their own, not under any pressure from any quarter. I am quoting below one incidence that happened with me, I am registered with, I was requested by Mr. Mohit to donate blood for his relative who was to undergo operation on 07.02.2010. I did the needful, but unfortunately one of my relative was admitted in Escorts Hopital Delhi, the requirement was for AB+ve Blood, Since I also had the same blood group but could not donate since I had donated on 07.01.2010. I contacted one Mr xxxx xxxxxx contact no. xxxxxxxxxx, whose contact details were sent to me by but he declined to help me citing exigencies, I would suggest that such sort of people should be discouraged from registering on the site. Needless to mention that nothing is more important in life, than saving a life.
Mr Anoop Arora
City: Faridabad
Country: India
Phone / Mobile: 9818572323

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