Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thank you Mr Percy Mistry, CNN-IBN , Saltriver Team , Pune Blood Donors..

It was 22.00 hrs on Saturday. We were having dinner with our family and friends at a restaurant. My Brother in law Mr Percy Mistry called me up and asked me if i knew about the blast in Pune. I told him yes i saw that it was a cylinder blast at the German Bakery. He told me that it was not a cylinder blast but a bomb blast. He asked me to do something as lots of blood will is required. We immediately started for home. I immediately called up CNN-IBN and spoke to Mr Edwin in the Assignment Section. I told him that lots of blood will be required in pune and that it would be great if he could put a scroll on CNN-IBN asking people to register as blood donors by sending an SMS. He immediately responded positively. Within 5 minutes the Scroll was up. Thank you CNN-IBN for the lightening Response.
Within 10 minutes our SMS server crashed due to hundreds of sms coming in. I immediately contact Mr Dhirendra Jain who was on a vacation . He immediately connected to our server through the net and set right the problem and monitored the sytem till 3.00 hrs in the night. I woke up Mr Deepak Arora CEO of Saltriver Systems who coordinated the efforts and put up the sms server.
I spoke to the technicians in the Blood Banks at Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital, Jehangir Hospital to alert us when the needed blood so that we could coordinate the donation with the blood donors.

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