Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Conditions for Donation of Blood

Conditions for donation of blood :
( 1) General -No person shall donate blood and no blood bank shall draw blood from a person, more than once in three months. The donor shall be in good health, mentally alert and physically fit and shall not be inmates of jail, persons having multiple sex partners and drug-addicts. The donors shall fulfill the following requirements, namely :-
(a) the donor shall be in the age group of 18 to 60 years.
(b) the donor shall not be less than 45 kilograms;
(c) temperature and Pulse of the donor shall be normal;
(d) the systolic and diastolic blood pressures are within normal limits without medication;
(e) haemoglobin which shall not be less than 12.5 grams;
(f) the donor shall be free from acute respiratory diseases;
(g) the donor shall be free from any skin diseases at the site of phlebotomy ;
(h) the donor shall be free from any disease transmissible by blood transfusion, insofar as can be determined by history and examination indicated above;
(i) the arms and forearms of the donor shall be free from skin punctures or scars indicative of professional blood donors or addiction of self injected narcotics


  1. I have been a frequent donor, from 1969, over the last 40 years. The last occasion was about six months back.
    I am now 61, of robust health, not on any medicine,of clean habits...yet, in some hospitals/blood banks, I am told that one can donate only till one is 60. My physician, who knows me for the last 20 years,and a senior surgeon in a top class hospital who knows me since the last 6 years, certify that I can donate lifelong, as long as my blood is "clean", and, in fact, they have told me that I should continue to provide this service.I will be obliged for a proper clarification, as I am quite keen to continue to perform my "duty"(not a donation). I will be thankful for an authenticated response from a professional blood bank in-charge or a doctor qualified to certify, confirming that I may continue to give blood.

  2. Der Sir,

    The Law of the land says you can donate till 60 years.

    Best Wishes
    Khushroo Poacha