Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Additional Qualifications of a Donor

Additional qualifications of a donor :-No person shall donate blood, and no blood bank shall draw blood from a donor, in the conditions mentioned in column (1) of the Table given below before the expiry of the period of deferment mentioned in the column (2) of the said Table.
Table: Deferment of blood donation

(1) (2)

(a) Abortions 6 months
(b) History of Blood transfusion 6 months
(c) Surgery 12 months
(d) Typhoid 12 months after recovery
(e) History of Malaria and 3 months (endemic)
duly treated 3 years (non endemic area)
(f) Tattoo 6 months
(h) Breast feeding 12 months after delivery
(i) Immunization (Cholera, 15 days
Typhoid, Diphtheria,
Tetanus, Plague,
(j) Rabies vaccination 1 year after vaccination
(k) History of Hepatitis in 12 months
family or close contact
(l) Immunoglobulin 12 months.

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