Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You cannot donate blood if...

No person shall donate blood and no brood bank shall draw blood from a person, suffering from any of the diseases mentioned below, namely .-
a. Cancer
b. Heart disease
c. Abnormal bleeding tendencies
d. Unexplained weight loss
e. Diabetes-controlled on Insulin
f. Hepatitis infection
g. Chronic nephritis
h. Signs and symptoms, suggestive of AIDS
i. Liver disease
j. Tuberculosis
k. Polycythemia Vera
l. Asthma
m. Epilepsy
n. Leprosy
o. Schizophrenia
p. Endocrine disorders

1 comment:

  1. HI,
    In your blog topic, you said "e. Diabetes-controlled on Insulin" cannot donate blood, when I google, I found different answer, that they can give if they are in good health.
    Please correct or Suggest it..thanks!