Monday, June 22, 2009

Mail from Mrs Irene Arathi Stanley New Delhi

Comments: Dear web hosters and every Donor enlisted with you, my family joins me in thanking your volunteer and noble service to humanity. At 3 am on a Sunday early morning when we were wonderign where to look out for B-ve blood, we found solution through this website.
I would like to place on records the two donors Ramya Sivasankar and Irayya who received calls in teh wee hours and came forward and made the blood donation to my sister in law who by Gods grace and generosity of the two donors is a mothr to a baby girl she delivered around 6.30 am today.
Happy to b part of a caring world you and your donors are creating...
Name: Irene arathi Stanley
Address: No. 1, Red Cross Road
City: new delhi
Country: India
Phone / Mobile: 9810399633

1 comment:

  1. Its simply an awesome act. God bless Ramya and Irayya. A child born has now 2 more persons to thank for her birth except her mom n dad....

    One should spread this noble message of blood donation across length and breadth of literate and illiterate community around us.

    If one takes a decision to volunteer, its a start of his significant life ....

    If one drives others to volunteer, its a start of a life of legacy ....

    'main yoon hi akela chala tha inn rastton par...fir log judte gaye aur kaafila banta gaya'

    - Jatin, Mumbai