Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mr Jatin Sablok Paste Stickers on Autos in Mumbai

Dear Khushroo,
Would like to narrate an incident that happened today morning –

I was posting a sticker as I was getting out of AutoRickshaw post reaching my destination (office) in the morning. The Autowalla asked, "saab ispe kya likha hai". I replied "rakt/khoon daan karne ke liye or uski zarrorat padne par .... is jagah contact karne ke liye likha hai..."

"Saab isme koi number hota aur hindi mein hota toh mujhe bhi samajh aata" replied the AutoWala. Aur saab ye sab kaam karne ka hota hai - ye toh maaloom hai ..magar kaise karne kaa, kahan jaane kaa - kuch maalloom nahin" continued the AutoWalla. Further the conversation continued and he said that he will visit a hospital this week to donate blood.

Moral of the story is – the concern for society can be found at every rank and irrespective of stature. The need is for awareness and personal influence to probe/ help other fellow men to take decision to go to hospital to donate blood.

Also, if AutoWallas can successfully spread the message of No Tobacco then why can’t Yes! Blood Donation….

If 100 stickers on Autos can lead to only 1 person taking decision – The Job is Done.
We should influence 1 person every month from our family and friend circle to donate blood and if possible accompany him/her to donation point (this really works), we can save many lives one at a time. Most of us know its safe and its is good – but either we postpone or we give it a least priority in our daily schedule.

Jatin Sablok

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