Monday, March 08, 2010

Mail from Dr Pradeep Sharma - New Delhi

Dear Founders,
This has been the first experience for me to collect 0 -ve blood for my Guruji who had to undergo a liver transplant. It was so smooth, so touching to talk to the volunteers which touched me and moved that i started realizing that the world is not so bad as we think and these are the people who, not only are doing a good job but must be spreading a halo of positivity around themselves in whichever ambience they are.
The operation went fine and Dr Nepal singh (Recipient) is still under medical observation for 15 days till he is brought into ICU.
I thank and salute, the founders and each of the volunteers from the bottom of my heart, that you guys are doing pretty good job, just keep it up, becoz you guys don't realise that each drop of blood what you donate wipes tears of so many eyes.
I would especially like to name a few volunteers Dr Ankit Bhardwaj, Ms Jennifer, Mr Nitin Sawhney, Mr Jaspal singh, Mr P Sundarajan, Mr kaushik Das and a few more for their promptness and timely support.
Good Luck,
Dr Pradeep Sharma

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