Friday, June 12, 2009

I wanted to Bless you but now i will not Bless you !

3 requests were posted on IBD by a lady from Mumbai . Two requests were from O-ve and one request was for B-ve. When i checked up the request the email id of the person requesting the blood did not match with the person posting the request. Also the request were of Different Blood Groups. Seeing this i Blocked the request.
On blocking the request i got a call from the lady who had put the request. As is customary i asked her a few questions to confirm if the request was authenticate and what was the Blood Group needed. After a few question the lady got angry as to why i was wasting her time asking foolish questions. In a split second she was angry at me . I asked her to cool down and was trying to tell her why we have to be careful with Negative Blood Group request.
She was not ready to listen to me and so i disconnected the call. She again called me up and repremanded me for disconnecting the call. She tells me why i had built the network of donors if we are not ready to help. I again tried to calm her down . She then told me That I want to bless the person who had made this network But now i will not Bless you. I told her that i did not need her blessing and she should not bless me. She disconnected the call .
I called up the contact number given in her request. She picked up the call. I then took the lead in speaking to her and did not let her speak. Lest she again lead the tirade against me. I then told her that how Negative Blood Groups are sold at a premium by some unscrupulous elements. That seemed to cool her down. I told her that i had unblocked her request. She can use the helpline. I kept on monitoring her request.
In and hour and a half she got the required 5 donors of B-ve Blood group. After which she sent us a mail thanking the people behind the cause.
Madam did you bless us ?

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