Tuesday, December 01, 2009

SMS is in . Just SMS to Donate.

Internet is not accessible by the common man. And a person needing blood for his relatives cannot run about to find an internet cafe to seach for blood donors in an emergency. This thought has been troubling me since long. We had made an attempt to connect the Database of Indianblooddonors.com with a Short Code (5676775 ) . This system worked quite well for about 6 months . Patients or their relative who had used the system wanted it back. We did not revive it due to some technical problems. The cost of sending an SMS to this number was quite high (Rs 3) . There were connectivity issue also. We had to also pay a yearly rental for the Short Code.
So we decided to have our own Long code (96655-00000) . We are working on the System where in Donors can register as blood donors by sending an SMS. And Patient or Relatives of patients needing blood can search for blood donors by sending an SMS.
We feel SMS is in . Web is out (For Blood Donation) . I really dont know. Only Time will tell.

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