Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mail from Ms Bhawna Bairoliya

Dear madam,
First of all i would like to thank you for this amazing service to mankind that you are providing. And am sorry that i couldn't get back to you sooner as we lost our patient and it is today that i have seen your message for a feedback. Your site and the listed donors were a great help and out of the 24 donors that you listed to us from gurgaon with O+ group almost all got back to us and those who had not donated blood during the last 90 days made their donation and 3-4 we returned as we had lost our patient.gurgaon was a new destination for us with no relatives and with the huge requirement of blood that we had on our hands above 100 units we did not know from where we will be able to procure this huge amount. so thanks again once more for your very kind help towards our requirement in the time of need. we had over 200 people donating blood for our patient which is so overwhelming and unbelievable.only one thing that in your request form there were no empty space where we could fill up the right reason for our patients blood requirement so we filled whatever was near as else it was not accepting our request. we needed the blood as our patient was put on the heart and lung echmo kit where there is a daily requirement of 12-25 units of blood or even more depending on the blood loss during the period also the no. of units mentioned highest was 10 whereas our requirement was for over 100 so if you could also make this change leaving an empty column so that anyone else requiring blood for a different reason not mention could mention the exact reason and the high no. of blood units required would be very nice. Thank you once again for reaching out to us and for all the help during our time of need.
Ms Bhawna Bairoliya
Namita raniwala's sister-in-law

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