Thursday, July 02, 2009

Woh Paise Lenge Kya ? Will they take money ?

I got a call today from a lady at about 14.30 hrs. She started by telling me that she needed blood . Her father was admitted at Maharaja Agresen Hospital New Delhi. She seemed to be very stressed out. She said i am in need of A+ve blood for my father. Please help me. I dont have any money to pay for the blood . I asked her not to worry . I told her that i would arrange for the donor. She was pleading Sir please meri madat kijiye (Please help me), my mother is also admitted in a hospital in some other city. I am alone out here with nobody to help me. I took her cell number. I then posted a request with her details. I call up Dr Anurag Singh our volunteer who was busy. I then called up Mr Ravi Dutt who called me back. I immediately told Ravi to contact the lady and help her out. In 5 minutes flat Mr Ravi Dutt had spoken to the Hospital Authorities and asked them to give her blood. He told them as he was due for donation he would donate tomorrow morning. Mr Ravi Dutt confirmed with me. God bless you Ravi.
I called up the lady and asked her if she had got the unit of blood. She said yes. The then asked me "Woh Paise Lenge Kya ? Will they take money ? (i.e. the Donor Mr Ravi Dutt). I told her no he will not. She Thanked me.
I have been hearing the question everytime somebody calls me for blood . They are all surprised when i tell them that you dont have to pay anything . The services of IBD, our donors, our volunteers is free of cost and always will be.....

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