Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mr Abhisek Tripathi Joins Team IBD from Pune

Dear Mr. Poacha,
I am working with a software company in Pune. I keep shuttling between Noida and Pune as my mother is being treated there.My native place is Kanpur.I have been monitoring IBD for requests of blood, but to my surprise I haven't seen a single request being raised in Pune for thesame in the last few days. Wondering why is that so? Guess the blood banks conduct blood donation drives more frequently than what is being done in other cities. Also a fact that there is so much youth who is self motivated to donate blood might be a reason too. But I was happy to see over 1700 donors registered in IBD from Pune. Quite a large number as compared to other IT hubs like Noida. Wish more and more donors register elsewhere too. I have already forwarded the URL to many of friends for registering in IBD. Just hoping that everyone does :).Thanks Mr. Poacha again for creating IBD.
Warm regards,
Abhisek Tripathi.

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