Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mail from Dr Anurag Singh

Dear Sir,
Firstly, I would like to thank you for the tremendous oppurtunity of service that you have provided to me and others in the whole world. Every time I help someone for arranging blood or platelets, I feel as if I am serving God in some way and that my BAD KARMAS are getting neutralised one by one.
1. There was a liver transplant patient in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Mr Masood Rizvi. He needed 15 units of B- whole blood and 7 units of B+ platelets for his surgery. Initially, his surgery was postponed as his family could arrange only 5 units of B- whole blood and 1 unit of platelets. They has donated 10 units of whole blood of other blood groups but at the last moment the blood bank intimated to them that they would not be provided B- whole blood on replacement. At that stage I was contacted by Dr AS Soin, the transplant surgeon, for helping them, as they had no contacts in New Delhi (they are from Karachi). With the blessings of God and the help of the site I was able to arrange for all the units of platelets and whole blood that were required and thereafter the surgery was done successfully. THIS IS A REAL EXAMPLE OF HOW THE SITE HAS BEEN USED TO DIRECTLY SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE. I feel blessed that God has enabled me and has put me in this position to help others.
2. There was another case of Ms Jyoti Kathuria. She is alone in her family, along with her father. They are not computer savy. She needed to undergo a surgery in AIIMS, New Delhi. Someone told them about the site and just registered for them, but did not follow up with the donors. They saw my number on the website and called me for help. I immediately understood their family's situation and arranged the necessary blood donations for them. Again, I WOULD LIKE TO HIGHLIGHT THAT THIS IS A REAL EXAMPLE OF THE HELP THAT GOD HAS ENABLED US AND BLESSED US TO PROVIDE TO PEOPLE IN GENUINE NEED.
Thank you God and thank you IndianBloodDonors for giving me this oppurtunity to neutralise my bad karma's in life.

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  1. i request you to make a group of persons having rare blood group which can be helpful in emergency and in any large no of requirement . my blood group is B-ve and I am ready to join such group and we can cover NCR -DELHI FRIDABAD NOIDA GURGAON AND NEARBY CITIIES in emergency you can give my phone no and mail id on blog I have no problem if someone contacts me directly I have been donating blood whenever i recd call .

    Sunil Masta