Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mail from Mr Rohit Agarwal.

Dear Sir,
Doctors advised immediate CABG (By Pass Surgery) to my father, and before conducting the surgery, Doctors said that we need to arrange for 4 - 5 person of my father's Blood Group for plasma requirements. My father's Blood Group was AB+. Instantly, we all (my family and friends) went for blood group test and found that only I was AB+ and all others were having
some other Blood Group. And by the time we got these reports, it was already evening and blood has to arranged within next day's morning. I just prayed to God to show me path and coincidently I found this portal (, by next morning not less 6 volunteers from this portal were ready for donating blood and were more than willing to come at the hospital, where my father is admitted. Subsequently, as only 3 more persons were required, I had to ask the others not to turn up for blood Donation.
The unsung, unheard heroes, who helped me, my father, and my family are:
1. Mr. Somnath Sengupta ( DoT Officer)
2. Mr. Arijit Majumdar (Atomic Research Scientist)
3. Mr. Kumarjit Singha (Software Engineer)

Others who were quite disappointed, when I called them to inform that required units of blood has already been arranged, thus they need not come, were:
1. Pratit & Jesal Desai
2. Anup Agarwal
3. Arpan Roy
I am equally indebted to them also, for it was only because of their assurance, that my family could sleep that night peacefully.
Hats off to you all !
Hats off to
Name: Rohit Agarwal

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