Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mail from Mr Raj Goyal

Dear Khushro Poacha,
Thank you for the noble cause you are doing.My fathers bypass surgery was possible because of the following donorsin Mumbai O+ category.
1) Kuldeep Saxena 9867555022 along with Mr KIshore Patale 9769108672.
2) Sharmishta 9892202254 alongwith Ms Carol D’souza.
3) Krishna Prasad 9819100377
I am really indebted to these angels who went, paying for their own conveyance, taking time out from their busy schedule, & donated blood for someone whom they have not even met or seen. What a noble deed.Since now I am diabetic, I cannot donate blood but I will definitely encourage people around me & my teenage children to register them, oncethey are 18 years old.Although I have mentioned in my online feedback but still I request youto update the contact numbers as nearly 20% of contact numbers do not existor are wrong.I am sending postal stamps of Rs 5 by courier separately.I once again sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart
Thanking you.
Yours truly
Raj goyal

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  1. Please think if it is right to post the personal numbers openly on this blog!!