Friday, June 04, 2010

Mail from Mr Bhavin Purohit - Vadodara

I recently needed blood for a family member and IBD proved very helpful. I wish to thank them but I do not see any 'thank you' board on the IBD website/blog, where one can say 'thank you dear donor'for helping us in our hour of need. I suggest you put up such a webpage. Thanks anyways for your wonderful effort. From my side, I will try and chip in occassionally with donations of stamps or stickers or similar things.

Name: Bhavin Purohit
Address: City: Vadodara


  1. I am Satheesh Reddy from Mumbai.I recently organized a blood donation camp at Ness Technologies in which around 104 units of blood were donated.I actually got a message from to donate blood for a patient in Tata memorial Hospital. I went there to donate blood and found out that there was a huge requirement of the blood for a number of patients. So I initiated a blood donation drive at my office and there was huge response from my colleagues. I am very thankfull to Indianblooddonars for the inspiration they provided me in organizing the blood donation drive.