Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mail from Mr V.D.Ramanathan

Dear Sir,
I am a Pathologist and Senior Deputy Director at the Tuberculosis Research Centre. At 9.30 pm on 14 January 2007, I was informed that 3 units of AB Rh Positive blood were required for a scientific colleague of mine. As I was given your website by another colleague, I booked for the blood with a confirmation number of 7992. The next morning, as per the instructions given in your site, I contacted Mr Ramesh on his mobile no. He got back to me with five numbers and said that I could contact them directly. Of the five, one was a wrong number and another did not respond to my calls. Of the remaining, one had undergone a recent surgery and one agreed immediately. He, in fact, went and gave the blood at Madras Medical Mission. He is Mr. Arun. He was kind enough to see the patient also before her sugery. One more person reverted to me yesterday morning and offered to give blood. However, since two more units had already been arranged from the patient's other contacts, this was not required. My colleague successfully underwent the bypass surgery yesterday and is recovering. My Institute, my colleague with her family and I would like to thank your organization for making this possible. Since issues of confidentialy may be involved, I am not giving the full details of the five volunteers' names in this message. May I thank you once more, especially Mr Ramesh who, very patiently answered all my queries and gave these numbers.
With best wishes,
V.D.RAMANATHAN MB, PhD (London),Deputy Director (Sr Grade),
Dept of Pathology,Tuberculosis Research Centre,Chetpet, Chennai - 31.Ph: 2836 9650.