Monday, April 10, 2000

Mrs Gulrukh Mehta IBD's First Blood Donor

Post 20th March 2000 there were no registrations on the site. I did not have the money to advertise . I did not know what to do. I was frustrated and dejected. I did not want to give up. I started calling Hospitals and Blood banks telling them about my website and how it could help save lives . Most of the Hospitals and Blood Banks did not pay heed. I called up well known Doctors in the Metros telling them about the site. They banged down the phone on me.

I then started sending mails to people. I asked few of my friends to register on the site from my community. Mrs Gulrukh Mehta was one of them who registered on my site.
Mrs Gulrukh Mehta works in an IT Company . Then one day while i was in office somebody sent a numeric message on my pager. I immediately realised that this has to be a requirement for blood.
I called up the number . The person on the line told me that he needed a blood donor for a person who is suffering from Haemophilia. The Blood Group needed was A+ve . I immediately logged on to the site and found out that Mrs Gulrukh Mehta my friend was the only A+ve Donor registered on the site. I immediately called up Gulrukh and asked her if she would donate . She said that she had never donated before . But she sensed one thing i feel that if that day she would refuse to donate blood . My hopes of an internet based helpline would never work. She asked me to accompany her to the Blood Bank, the patient was there with hands joined. I cannot forget the look in that persons eyes.

Thank you Gulrukh , I am really indebted to you.