Monday, November 17, 2008

Mail from Mr Ramesh

Your website was very user friendly earlier and now people have to spend a lot of time to get the list of donors in a city ( if they can!!!)Why complicated the stuff? Think like a user. A person in need of bloodnow have to register and then use some password to contact donors?I wish you simplify.I am regular blood donor and used to recommend your site. Now I myself do not know how can one reach me if them want my blood !! All the best
Name: Mr Ramesh
Address: 23, BHEL Officers colony, Nandini layout
City: Bangalore
Phone / Mobile: 9845213042
Our Reply to Mr Ramesh.
Dear Mr Ramesh,
Thank you for your feedback. We work in the best interest of our Blood Donors, Patients and humanity at large. If our systems were so lengthy and cumbersome people would not use our site.
We also want our site to be user friendly but at the same time we do not want misuse of our database of blood donors.
Best Wishes

Khushroo Poacha