Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mr Ravi Dutt New Delhi.

Mr Ravi Dutt was surfing a VSNL website when he first got his internet connection in 2001. There he got a list of important websites where was one of them. He immediately logged on and registered on the website. Then there were quite a few blood donors on the site. He started donated blood since 1989 when his aunt in his family needed blood. Being of sound health he started donating the gift of life regularly every three months.

Once he went to donate platelets for a friends daughter who was 5 years old at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute which is located close to his residence. When he saw the plight of young children who needed blood he was moved and decided with his group of friends to donate blood and platelets to these children whenever the need arised.

Quite often Mr Ravi Dutt would ask us to send him stickers to create awareness about the helpline in New Delhi. He started helping patients in New Delhi and Noida by logging on to IBD and contacting donors and helpling out patients who did not have access to the net. Many a times when he would be eligible to donate blood he would log on to IBD and check out the Home page to see if there were any request for B+ve blood group.