Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Suggestion from Mr Ramesh Gopi

Dear Poacha:
I think your new plan is good. I have altogether donated blood 5 times through your website, but i have felt that the goodwill of blood donors are being exploited upon by people who need blood. They take websites like indianblooddonors to be a site that can be taken for granted and are thankless after they get blood.

I suggest we need to get any next of kin of every blood needer to register in your site and use the details to donate blood at any place before they want blood through indianblooddonors.com. We should not route blood unless any next of kin has also donated blood. Let us not cater to exploitative selfish needs of blood needers who never care to donate blood.

I say we should promote "Receive blood only if you can donate blood" policy.
Warm regards and happy new year wishes to you, your family, and staff.

Jai Hind.
r€m€sh G°þï
"Go with your heart, go with your passion"