Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Family members should donate blood first.

Dear Sir / Madam,
This happened last time I donated Blood.I got a call from a patient's relative for Donation of (O+ve) blood12 units for By Pass surgery. The doctor had asked for fresh blood & Platelets. As all my friends were extreamly busy on that day hence, I request the blood bank's incharge to make arangements to help us donate after the working hours of the Blood bank. The bood bank is in a reputed & Specialied hospital in Bandra, MUMBAI. He went out of his way to make arangements & took the permision from the respected departments & concerned persons at his risk & risking his Job. He also was there personally to do the needfull inspite his wife all alone at home suffering from High temperature. He asked his neighbour to take care of his wife at home. We were there at the blood bank as promised by 7 PM. Although I am (O-ve), I called up a few of my friends & arranged 10 units . On reaching the hospital I found both the sons & daughter in law of patient were strong & healthy around 25 to 30 years. I asked them to donate also & their reply was that we might get infected, week, lose our manhood & BlahBlah Blah as we were just married a few months ago & then their mother shouted on us saying You shoud do your job & if you dont want to donate why have you have you been registered on the donors list . We felt very bad at the family's behaviour & were about to leave without donating. Then to our saviour the Blood Bank incharge & the Surgeon who had overheard all our conversion asked us not to donate for such a people unless both the sons & both daughter in law present there with (O+ve) group which was required would donate first. He also called up the doctor who was suposed to do the surgery & informed him about the situation. The doctor finally convinced the family (After 1 hour of Convincing) to donate first otherwise he would not do the surgery & also he threatened to discharge the patient from the hospital without any treatment at the family's risk. Finally 4 of them + 8 of my Freinds with O +ve donated. This drama lasted for about 6 hours. I shall not name where in mumbai this had occured . My moto is to inform you this is because we would like the patients relative's in future to find donors from their family first & then when it is absolute necessary then ask the other donors listed on the website to donate. I think You will be able to take care of such a situation better & make the patient relatives realise the importance of donating bood themselves before taking help from the site or any one else.Sorry if I have mentioned something curtly.Till today thinking about that situation I feel hurt, & feel sorry that such people also exist in today's modern age.
Huzaifa Khambata