Sunday, October 01, 2000

Financial Crunch .

In a span of almost 1 year we had put in Rs 60,000 to start and run the site. Every month I was looking at huge telephone bills . In those days we had dial up connections. When we used to connect to the net we had to pay the Phone Bills as well as Internet usage bills.
I had already paid 2 installments of Hosting Bills and I looking as to where i would bring the money to pay my next Hosting Bill. How do i pay for my telephone bill ?

Coming from a middle class family and a government job i did not have a lot of saving. I had put in all i had into the site. I was afraid of telling Fermin my wife that i would withdraw money from my Provident fund.

I did not know how but i had to carry on. I was in a complete Financial mess. Thank to Fermins backing and my Mothers word "Jiska koi nahi uska Khuda hai Yaro" "When there is nobody to help you God is there" .