Thursday, October 05, 2000

Beta,yahi tumhara bank balance hai

Dr Nirmal Jaiswal had register on our site as a donor and as a Doctor . When we started our site we had a facility for Doctor to register on our site according to their specilisation. The Category "Critical Care Consultant " did not exist in our doctors registration format. Dr Jaiswal had asked us to add that category . I wanted to know what a Critical Care Consultant was.

So I went to meet Dr Nimal Jaiswal at the Hospital where he was working. Dr Nirmal Jaiswal took me to the ICCU and explained to me the work of a Critical Care Consultant.The Doctor then asked me to wait in a room for a few minutes, saying that there were some people who wanted to meet me. A nurse ushered in the grateful family of a man who needed eight units of blood for an emergency operation. The Blood Donors had come in through our site, thus helpling save a life.

With deepest gratitude the patients wife tried touching my feet and thanked me for the service. She then said "Beta yahi zindagi me tumhara Bank balance hai, Seva kar ke ashirwad pana, usse bada dhan koi nahi. (No reward in life is greater than the gratitude of your fellowmen for service rendered).

This was another turning point in my life and IBD. I was more determined now to make it a succes.