Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Rs 1001/- Donation in my Letter Box

I used to come home for lunch. One day as i came home for lunch. I saw a letter in my Letter box. It was for me from New Delhi. I was wondering who would write to me from Delhi. It had a address of one of the Rooms in the Supreme Court in India from Mr Natarajan. In in was written.

Dear Mr Poacha,
I am sending you a small donation of Rs 1001/- for the good work being done by you for humanity.
Best Wishes
Mr Natarajan.

There were tears in my eyes. I am very soft at heart. I kept looking at the cheque for a few days. And finally deposited it. I realised quite late that i should have had a copy of it.
Thank you Sir. You donation has helped saved many a lives.