Sunday, October 15, 2000

Letter to Siticable.

A Patient would come to our site looking for donors. What would happen even if we did not have donors on our site. Where would he go ? We started thinking what we would do.

I was in front of the TV and was watching Siticable. Suddenly i saw a Scroll on the network that a patient needed a Particular blood group. I got it.

Siticable a part of the Zee Group had their network in more than 80 cities in India. I wanted to do a tie up with them . It was simple. I would list the telephone number of all the Head Ends (Place from where the Signal Originates in a particular city).

Patients relatives who did not get donors on our site would just Call the Head End , he would put a scroll on the network and the patients would get the donors. This system was working well in Nagpur. But this was not organised and people did not know about it. I still tell people whom we cannot help to use this method to get donors.

I started writing letters to the CEO of Siticable. I would attach a Xerox copy of the press clippings and then send it to them by Speed Post. And then follow it by a call to them. I wrote to them 4 to 5 times followed up by calls. Every time i would get an answer that we are looking into the matter. I did not give up. I kept on trying.

I visited the Local Head End but the Owner nor the Manager did not have time for me, the Manager was busy playing a game , he did not have time to meet me . I was asked to leave . I felt humiliated. I was getting used to this type of humiliation.