Monday, March 20, 2000

The Launch of

The website was launched on 20th of March 2000. We put in an Advertisement in our Local Newspaper . This was the First and the Last Advertisment. I got up early in the morning. Saw the newspaper AD and was very happy that A dream has come true. I was waiting for thousands of donors to register on the website. But i was in for a surprise. Not a single donor registered on the site that day. I started having my doubts whether the website would every work. After putting in so much money and effort we had failed . But we did not give up. That day in the afternoon i got a call from a nearby suburb "Kamptee" from a person who was not net savvy. He told me that he saw my advertisment and would like to donate blood. But he did not know how to use the internet. I told him that i would myself register his name on the site.