Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mr Mustafa Jetpurwala and Mr Chintan Siriya

I am in Mumbai Today. I met two of our volunteers from Mumbai who have been helping patients in Mumbai who need blood donors.

Mr Mustafa Jetpurwala had called me a few years back and sent me some Literature on Wheat Grass. He has been using our site to help patients who need blood in various hospitals in Mumbai. Recently Mustafa has undergone a Bypass surgery himself. We wish him a speedy recovery. Mr Mustafa Jetpurwala run an Electronic Repair Shop on Modi Street , Opp GPO, Mumbai.
Mr Chintan Siriya had registered on our site as a blood donor , he was contacted by patients to donate blood for their near and dear ones. Sometime in December 2006 Chintan called me up one night and asked me to help a friend of his whose brother had fallen down from a local train in mumbai . The Accdient victim needed 2 donors of A-ve Blood Group. We SMS'ed a few donors who contacted the patients brother. They donated blood for the patient. Since then Chintan has been a very active Volunteer for IBD in Mumbai. Chintan Siriya works for Cap Gemini.
May their Tribe Increase.