Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Suggestion from Mr Ajit Menon

Hello Khushroo & Fermin Poacha,
And congratulations yet again on your wonderful initiative. While I understand the irritation that you may be experiencing about users not leaving proper feedback, and thus affecting the quality of the data available, does it make sense to make things more difficult for the patients or their relatives at a time when they would already be under stress? Also, on more than one occasion, I noticed that it was not the patient/familywho had done the browsing and locating but some helpful volunteer.... perhaps this could be the reason that the subsequent information is not being completed.
I regret that I do not have any constructive suggestion to help counter the above problem - perhaps by requesting the donors to come back and givefeedback? Wouldn't it be possible to setup an SMS-based mechanism to gather feedback, as most users and donors would have this.I also wish you the best of the season..... hope the year ahead is rewarding and fulfilling.
ajit menon