Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Suggestions from Ms Farah Bharucha

Dear Khushroo and Fermin,
Wish you too a Happy New Year. Also, I salute you for providing this service to people all over. It is indeed a noble service! Thank you! I would however, like to express my reservations against the system you have described below. I would like to understand why it is essential for the user (patient's relative/friend) to provide feedback? What sort of feedback are you expecting, and why do you need it? People need blood only in a time of crisis - and at this time it is not advisable to limit the user's access to the blood donor's database, till they have provided feedback. It is obvious that the users will not be in a state of mind to give appropriate feedback.

As an alternative, I suggest that you collect the user's phone number and/or email address and contact them a month or 2 months after they have come to the website for donors, and ask them for feedback at that time. Not allowing them to access the list of blood donor's in their time of need isn't quite practical, and prevents the website from serving its purpose. These are just my 2 cents :) hope you consider them.