Friday, February 20, 2009

Patients son get 16 Donors of O-ve in New Delhi from IBD Database in 1 hour.

Dr Singh needed 20 unit of Blood of the Blood Group O-ve in New Delhi for his fathers Liver Transplant. The Blood was to be donated at Gangaram Hospital. Dr Singh Posted a request on IBD. In the Request form we ask the patient relatives as to how many donors are needed. Mr Singh had posted 10 donors. After 3-4 donors had consented to donate blood for the patient we blocked the request as we are quite careful when Negative Blood Groups are required , as we had caught a leading hospital who were using our site to replinish their stocks. Dr Singh called me and told me that he needed 20 unit of blood. We unblocked his request and he started contacting the donors. We were not sure if he would get 20 donors of this group from our site as this is a very rare blood group . Though we had 38 donors in this group in New Delhi who at that point of time were valid donors.
When i checked up his statistics after an hour i was surprised that 16 + donors had consented to donate blood for his fathers liver transplant.
We have posted this entry in Awards as this is our real Award.