Sunday, February 08, 2009

Thank you for keeping Humanity Alive

Dear Founders ( Mr Pochas & Associates )
GooD Morning !
This is with reference to our tele discussion a couple of days back during my father's hospital visit.
First Things First ! My Heartfelt gratitutde to you and to your entire team who helps you put up such a beautiful Easy to access website based Process to do the biggest Charity a Human being can selflessly Do ! i.e To save Life.
I have been utilising your services since my Elder Sister ( Doctor By Profession ) show me your print Advt and my Grand mother was sick. Thanks to your Hardwork, & Commitment to this cause ,i was able to get 4 out of 8-9 donors i contacted.
It was an experience of my lifetime so far as i thought this materialistic world is now full of inhumans rather than God's best creature - Humans ! All the Donors ( except a few exceptions ) i could contact were more than willing to come and donate blood for a stranger as if it was one of their Humanly duties asked by the super power. Some of them took Special leave or travelled 60 kms on self conveyance to help me & my grandmother who were completely stranger to them.
In today's fast paced Luxorius selfish world ,Hardly do we ever see a person doing something so selflessly for a complete stranger !
Okay Coming to the other reason of writing to you ! For this noble Human Cause I would like to understand your organisation's consensus if xxxxxxl can spread information about your website and provide mutual benefit to everyone including our dear customers. To take this forward , post your official confirmation we will take this up with the concerned officials at our end to inform our customers accordingly.
Looking ahead to your response to take this forward. You may write back on my official ID or call me at 9810772396
Thanks for keeping Humanity Alive . . .
Manoj Gupta
Marketing Manager
xxxxxx xxxxxx Limited - Delhi Circle,Corporate Office.